Covid-19 Updates

The latest from UNC Greensboro

As we shared on March 30, UNCG and all 16 other UNC System institutions have committed to providing prorated refunds to students who had to leave residence halls and/or lose access to dining services as a result of the necessary public health actions taken in response to the COVID-19 situation. 

Refunds will cover housing costs and dining plans for which payment has already been received. We will communicate directly with students who are receiving refunds. Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible for refunds.

Per UNC System guidelines, housing and dining refunds will be based on calculations that begin on March 21, the day after students who did not receive exceptions to stay on campus were mandated to vacate their residence halls. Housing and/or dining adjustments will first cover any outstanding charges a student may have on their account. Students that have no charges on their account will receive the full adjustment.  Payment will be made via direct deposit or a mailed check, depending on how a student’s account is configured. 

Housing adjustments began processing on April 3rd. Most students will receive an adjustment of 44% of their spring housing charges. Dining adjustments will be applied to student accounts beginning April 6 and may take up to 5 business days to be completed. These adjustments need to be done manually due to the uniqueness of individual student’s dining account balances. Dining adjustments will be based on a calculation related to a student’s “swipe” plan and their remaining UNCG “Flex Dollar” balance.   

We will move as quickly as possible on this process as we work to provide support and relief to our Spartan students and families. All adjustments will be completed before April 30th.