Covid-19 Updates

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Updated 11.11.21

Testing Program

UNCG has a four-pronged approach to COVID-19 testing:

  1. diagnostic testing of individuals with symptoms and their close contacts
    • provided by Student Health Services for students and free of charge after insurance reimbursement
    • symptomatic or employees who are COVID positive close contacts should seek testing in the community.
  2. mandatory periodic testing for all students enrolled in at least one credit of in-person learning who do not submit proof of vaccination
  3. mandatory periodic testing for employees who do not submit proof of vaccination (beginning later this fall)
  4. weekly voluntary screening testing for asymptomatic employees and students.

Testing clinics are provided on campus free of charge to students and employees.

COVID Voluntary Screening Testing

UNCG provides free voluntary screening testing for asymptomatic students and faculty. The testing dates and times are provided in Upcoming Events (right) and on the UNCG Mobile App. 

This testing is for individuals who:

  1. Do not have COVID-19 symptoms (are asymptomatic); and 
  2. Have not been in close contact recently with someone who has tested positive.

Presently we may engage with two different companies to provide this screening. Each has their own registration process so be sure to follow the directions and web links for the day you plan to be screened.

If you have symptoms, please stay home and contact your health care provider to determine if you need to be tested. Please note that testing is for UNCG employees and students ONLY. We can not provide testing for family members at this time. Family members of our employees and others in the community should continue to seek other testing services and resources.

Mandatory Employee Testing

The University requires employees to submit vaccination documentation (i.e.,vaccination card) or participate in mandatory testing. Employees upload their proof of vaccination by logging into the UNCG Vaccine Portal and have until September 30, 2021, to upload official documentation verifying their vaccination status. Mandatory periodic testing for employees who have not submitted completed vaccination documentation begins in October. 

Student Testing Notification

Residential Students: 

Students living in a residence hall on campus who are part of the mandatory periodic testing program will receive information about testing directly from Housing and Residence Life.

Off Campus Students:

Students who live off campus and are part of the mandatory periodic testing program will receive information about testing directly via email.

Learn more about testing as well as the selection process by visiting the new testing section of the Coronavirus FAQ page.

If your question is not answered on this page or in the FAQ, submit it to the UNCG COVID-19 Operational team via the question submission form.

Voluntary Screening Testing:
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Testing Resources

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