Shield Our Spartans

Spring 2023

August 11, 2021

Dear Faculty and Staff,

We continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and will adapt as often and as quickly as needed for the health and safety of our entire campus community. In response to the recent increase of COVID-19 cases across our state, the Delta variant, and the Guilford County mandatory face covering policy effective August 13, we are making two changes to our COVID-19 related policies and practices.  

Change to COVID-19 Testing Policy:

UNCG will now require all students to either submit proof of COVID-19 vaccination or participate in periodic COVID-19 testing. Universities across the UNC system are adopting similar approaches as part of their strategies to provide safe, in-person learning during the pandemic. This is the existing policy for students living in University residence halls.  We are now expanding this to apply to any student who is registered for at least one credit of in-person learning.  

Students will be directed to submit their proof of vaccination through Student Health Services. Residential students will continue to receive information about testing through Housing and Residence Life – it is worth noting that at least 60% of our residential population will be fully vaccinated at the beginning of this semester, and we anticipate this percentage to increase. Non-residential students will receive information from the COVID-19 case management team when they are scheduled to be tested.  This has been shared with students, and we are in the process of updating the UNCG COVID-19 website to include FAQs.

Temporary Adjustment Regarding Instructors and Face Coverings While Teaching:

We have received many questions regarding a statement in the syllabus statement shared by the Faculty Senate. The statement says:

“To make it easier for students to hear their instructor and/or read lips and if conditions permit, instructors who are fully vaccinated and who can maintain at least six feet of distance from students may remove their masks while actively teaching if they choose, but will wear a mask at all other times while in the classroom, including during the periods before and after class.”

Unfortunately, due to current conditions, we need to begin the semester with everyone wearing a face covering at all times when in instructional settings. We recognize this presents challenges, and we are hopeful that conditions will permit us to make this option available later in the semester.  

Getting vaccinated is the single most important thing you can do to protect yourself and others from the COVID-19 virus. Please visit the COVID-19 vaccine FAQ website if you have questions about the vaccine. To make an appointment to get your free vaccination, contact Student Health Services

We will continue to update the UNCG COVID-19 website FAQs and will post the recording from Tuesday’s instructional information session very soon.