We are aware of the decision made at UNC Chapel Hill to move all undergraduate teaching online. This decision for now is unique to conditions at UNC Chapel Hill. The UNC System statement is available here.

The situation at UNC Chapel Hill has been fueled by the significant spread of COVID-19 among students, as has been widely reported and confirmed by UNC Chapel Hill. As of now, the virus has not spread in comparable ways at UNCG, though we continue to monitor the situation very closely. UNCG is continuing to operate as planned, with a mix of online, in person, and hybrid classes. Residential students are remaining on campus.There is not at this time any change in instructional plans or residential housing plans.

As we have all come to learn, conditions change rapidly. It is imperative that our students, faculty, and staff remain committed to the community standards that are now in place regarding face coverings, social distancing, hygiene, gatherings, and other measures designed to slow the spread of COVID-19. This includes on- and off-campus behavior.

It is essential that our students take this seriously. Ignoring social distancing, personal hygiene, and face covering guidelines has consequences. Violations of the Governor’s orders around large gatherings are criminal offenses and subject to disciplinary action under the Student Code of Conduct, and directly jeopardize the safety of our community and our ability to operate. We are confident that everyone will do their best to protect UNCG as well as the greater Greensboro community. 

If conditions at UNCG merit a change in plans or approach to instruction or on-campus living, we will communicate any changes as quickly as possible. We have a wide range of contingency plans in place. No matter the scenario, no student will be left without a place to live, and we will work with our students to ensure they have a safe and manageable path forward.  

Our highest priority is the safety and health of our students, employees, and community. Conditions on the ground, however, may change at any moment and flexibility is vital. At this time, we are continuing with our current operational plan.