Shield Our Spartans

Spring 2023

Dear Students, 

Last spring we made a plan for the fall term that we revised over the course of the summer in response to the facts on the ground. Many in-person courses were moved online, while others were switched to hybrid formats. We worked hard to make sure you were aware of these changes, and that you had choices suited to your learning needs and your schedules. Our  semester was successful largely because of your flexibility and your adherence to community health guidelines.  

As the spring semester quickly approaches, COVID-19 cases and rates of spread are on the rise here in Guilford county, around the state, and across the nation. In response, instructors have been given the option to move their face-to-face and hybrid courses online until the situation improves. Instructors have opted to move 183 sections (both graduate and undergraduate) online for the time being. These courses will revert to the mode of instruction published in the class schedule at the discretion of the instructor, in consultation with University officials. 

You can find a list of affected course sections at These changes do not affect housing or dining; move-in schedules and dining hours will be as previously communicated.    

We learned a lot last semester about how to deliver instruction safely, and we are confident that we can do so again. The approach we are taking should allow for less density in our buildings and classrooms as the holiday COVID-19 surge subsides, cut down on movement to and around campus, and provide an avenue for students who start the term in quarantine or isolation to participate fully in more of their classes. It may also give many of us time to receive the first dose of the vaccine. 

If you have questions about these changes please feel free to email Dean Hamilton at, contact your instructor, or your academic advisor. We all are grateful once again for your flexibility. 

As tough as these last two terms have been, there is now a bright light at the end of the tunnel. We’ll reach it together. 

Andrew Hamilton 
Associate Vice Provost for Student Success and Dean of Undergraduate Studies 

Kelly Burke
Dean of the Graduate School