After consultation with the Office of State Human Resources (OSHR), the UNC System Office recently issued new guidance on work and leave provisions effective July 1 and in place until revised or rescinded.  For COVID-19 Special Administrative Leave (CSAL), the following changes are in effect:

  • Employees who cannot telework:  Permanent employees who cannot telework due to the nature of their jobs may continue to use (CSAL).  However, the amount of CSAL that can be used  has been reduced to one-third of the employee’s pay for the scheduled hours they cannot telework.  Employees who have work available on-site but are unable to report to the workplace are not eligible for CSAL, but may be eligible for other types of leave, including personal leave.
  • High-risk employees:  Employees not working due to high-risk situations must use their own leave or leave without pay.  Employees who are considered high risk or are caring for individuals who are considered high risk may be eligible for Family Medical Leave, depending on the circumstances.  CSAL can no longer be used for this purpose and high risk employees are advised to continue teleworking as much as possible.
  • Elder care needs:  Permanent and temporary employees who need to provide eldercare  due to COVID-19 related elder care facility closings can receive CSAL at the original two-thirds rate for a maximum of 12 weeks.  This mirrors the childcare provisions of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA).  Once an employee has exhausted 12 weeks at the two-thirds rate, the administrative leave will be reduced to one-third rate, as long as administrative leave is still in effect.
  • Provisions for leave available through the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) are still available to eligible employees. 

As a reminder, employees can choose to supplement CSAL with available personal leave.  Compensatory time, if available, must be used prior to any other types of personal leave.

Employees need to apply and be approved for all special leave provisions including CSAL, Family Medical Leave, and leave available through FFCRA.   Approved employees will record special leave taken on revised timesheets which will be made available to the approved employee.  Employees who are not available to work, including teleworking, are advised to notify their supervisors as soon as possible.

Reporting Illness

In order to better assist employees who may have contracted COVID, be experiencing symptoms, or are caring for someone with COVID or COVID symptoms, a voluntary self reporting form has been made available.   Upon completion of this form, a Human Resources representative is notified and will make contact with the employee to assist with applying for eligible leave and in returning to work when able.  All employees, including those who continue to work remotely, are encouraged to complete the self reporting form.  


Please also note that the Temp, Student, and Non-Exempt Timesheets, and the Exempt Leave Report have been updated for employees not using CSAL or FFCRA related leave beginning with the June payroll period.  All employees must use the latest timesheets (noted as updated 6/30/2020 on the HR website) unless approved for CSAL or FFCRA related leave.  For employees approved for CSAL or FFCRA leave, special timesheets will be provided as noted above.

Please contact the Benefits Office at, with any questions related to FFCRA and special leave provisions.