Covid-19 Updates

The latest from UNC Greensboro

Available for download and printing for your department, office, college, or school. Each of these informational flyers or UNCG branded graphics helps share great information on Shielding Our Spartans!

Face Covering Graphic
Face Covering Signage
Quarantine vs. Isolation flyer thumbnail
Quarantine vs. Isolation
Monitoring for COVID-19 Symptoms
Monitoring for Symptoms
Face covering event signage
24 x 36 sandwich board signage
Employees and COVID-19 Flyer
Employees and COVID-19 guide sheet
Classroom Sanitizing Procedures flyer
Classroom sanitizing procedures
Shield Our Spartans icon
Shield Our Spartans graphic
NCDHHS Flyers in UNCG style (a variety of flyers)
Computer/Electronic Cleaning flyer
Cleaning Electronics
Approved signage for posting (a variety of signs)