Covid-19 Updates

The latest from UNC Greensboro

Dear UNCG Students,

Halloween has come and gone, Thanksgiving is around the corner, and thanks to your collective participation, compassion, and willingness to change and adapt to the moment, UNCG has been able to navigate COVID-19 so far this fall. We congratulate and thank you for getting us to this point. Now, we need to stay focused, finish strong, and look ahead.

As you make your plans to leave campus at the end of the semester, remember it is your responsibility to keep yourself and your loved ones as safe as possible. Even when you’re not in Greensboro, your health and safety remains extremely important to us. There is much concern that holiday gatherings will contribute to the already high rates of the virus in our state and across the country.

Many of you will be returning to homes where there are older individuals or others who may be at higher risk for complications due to COVID-19. In order to avoid having to delay your trip home because you are sick, do everything you can to minimize your exposure over the remainder of the semester. Keep following the standards you have learned and handled so well here — wear a face covering, social distance, and wash your hands frequently. In addition, here are a few important reminders:

    • Get tested before you leave campus. The University will host a series of free COVID-19 testing clinics next week for students who do not have symptoms and are not currently in quarantine. To make sure they go smoothly and ensure social distancing, we have separate clinics for different groups of students.
      • Students who live on campus will receive information about testing opportunities through the Office of Housing and Residence Life. This will include information about required testing for residential students as they return for the spring semester.
      • Students who live off campus can take advantage of a free testing clinic that will be held on Wednesday, November 18th and Friday, November 20th in the EUC Dail Room.  Information about registering for the clinic will be sent early next week.
    • Remember, a COVID-19 test returns your results from that particular day and time that you were tested. If you test negative prior to Winter Break but begin to display symptoms while you are home, you should contact your healthcare provider to get tested again.
    • If you develop symptoms at any point before you leave campus, make an appointment to get tested at Student Health Services or at a clinic or testing site in the community, and complete the self-report form.  
    • Get a flu shot! This year, more than ever, it is important to take every precaution, not only against COVID-19, but other seasonal viruses.
  • TRAVEL: 
    • If you are traveling out of state, be sure you’re aware of any travel restrictions that your destination may have in place (e.g., some states are requiring quarantine periods, etc.)  Plan ahead, so you can get to where you are going, and understand what rules may exist related to your return.
    • Prepare to travel safely. If you are using commercial transportation (e.g., planes, trains, buses), be sure you have a supply of face coverings and hand sanitizer.  Take disinfecting wipes so you can wipe down the surfaces around you. Plan to make as few stops as possible. Consider packing food if you have a long drive so you don’t have to stop to eat.  
    • Individuals who are ill should not travel.
    • Once you arrive at your destination, use caution for the first 14 days. Remember that you may have been exposed during your last days on campus or during the travel process.
    • Strongly consider staying physically distant from family and friends (particularly anyone who is high-risk); avoid close contact (e.g., hugging and shaking hands).  Also consider wearing a face covering while in common areas in your home and keep washing your hands frequently.
    • Do not go to large social gatherings. We know this is difficult, but remember the virus does not know that these are the holidays, and it will continue to spread and endanger you and those around you if you are not exceptionally cautious and aware.
    • If you need support or help even while you are away, you can always use the services we have at UNCG, including the Counseling Center and their Zoom workshops.

When you return to campus for the spring semester, the same protocols that we are currently using to protect our community will remain in place. Staying in the same routine you’ve used on campus while you’re at home will make your transition back to campus easier. Keep monitoring your UNCG communications channels for updates and ongoing information, and visit our website regularly for the latest. Thank you, and please be careful and stay safe.