Covid-19 Updates

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Effective June 1, 2020 until Revised or Rescinded

It is expected that preparing campus for a return to face-to-face classes in the Fall semester will be a phased process, much like reopening businesses and operations in the state.  Supervisors will begin to start returning employees to the workplace, beginning with those who are unable to perform their job duties remotely and are required to support on-site activities.  Employees should wait to return to campus for work until they have been asked to do so by their supervisor.  Therefore, it is expected that for many individuals, teleworking, to the extent possible, will continue throughout the summer.

With that said, there continue to be several COVID-19 related reasons why employees are unable to work. While COVID-19 Special Administrative Leave (CSAL) will still be available under specific circumstances, leave available under the provisions of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)(.pdf) will replace the use of CSAL in most situations.  

The following provides information regarding leave options for those employees who are unable to work (including teleworking) for all or part of their scheduled workweek:

Matrix explaining leave options

Note 1 – Employee may supplement remaining 1/3 of time with accrued leave (compensatory time, sick, vacation, bonus). 
Note 2 – High risk individuals include those over 65 years of age, have underlying health conditions (including heart disease, lung disease, or diabetes), or have a weakened immune system or who live with someone who is at high risk for experiencing complications from contracting COVID-19.  

The above is intended to be a summary of leave that is available.  Please refer to UNC Policy Manual 300.2.15[R] for further information regarding FFCRA. 

Use of Leave

Employees may use accrued leave to supplement the above options up to 40 hours per week (or up to the number of hours normally worked in a workweek if less than 40 hours).  Compensatory time, if available, must be depleted before using other types of leave.  Through December 31, 2020, all employees, regardless of whether they are using the above leave benefits, may use accrued sick leave, vacation leave, and bonus leave interchangeably.   Employees who were on other pre-approved leave or are unavailable for reasons other than provided above must use available and applicable leave types (i.e., vacation, sick, etc.) or take leave without pay.

Intermittent Leave

With the exception of leave due to quarantine/isolation, self-quarantine, or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms (or caring for someone with the preceding), employees may work and take leave intermittently.  Doing so will reduce the number of hours an employee will have to use to supplement leave.


Employees who believe they are “high risk” are encouraged to discuss with their supervisor any accommodations they need to complete their job responsibilities.  Employees may also contact the EEO/AA Office in Human Resources to discuss accommodations.


Employees requesting leave and/or an accommodation may be asked to submit documentation supporting their request.  Documentation may include a note from a childcare/eldercare facility verifying the facility is closed and that the child/elder is cared for by the facility, a statement from a healthcare professional related to the employee’s medical condition and/or need for an accommodation (such documentation should only be supplied to the Human Resources Department to assure specific medical information will be kept confidential), or any other documentation that is needed to support the employee’s request.

Family Medical Leave

Any Family Medical Leave used within the last 12 months by an employee will reduce the amount of Expanded Family Medical Leave for which an employee is eligible.  An employee is not eligible for more than 12 weeks of Family Medical Leave in a 12 month period.

Temporary Employees

Assignments for temporary employees who are not able to work (either remotely or on-site) should have been terminated no later than May 15.  Although temporary employees may be eligible for FFCRA leave, CSAL for these employees is no longer available.

Reporting of Time

Instructions on reporting time will be shared with employees, supervisors and HR Liaisons as soon as possible.

For more information on FFCRA, including instructions on applying for Emergency Sick Leave and/or Expanded Family and Medical Leave, please refer to the FFCRA information on the Human Resources website. 

Please contact with questions related to leave options.

Please contact your HR Business Partner with questions related to concerns regarding returning to the workplace, including a need for accommodation.

Please contact Faculty Personnel Services at for questions related to faculty.