Covid-19 Updates

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To address the COVID-19 pandemic needs of UNC Greensboro students, faculty, staff, and community, the University has called upon a variety of key management teams. Listed here are the various teams and task forces from across UNCG that are working daily to navigate the strategic, operational, and academic challenges and decisions associated with navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. 


The COVID Strategic Planning Team is made up of leaders across units to discuss COVID-related issues that emerge and to recommend policies and action to the Chancellor. The group is not a decision-making body but instead is intended to provide counsel and recommendations to the Chancellor. 

The group meets weekly and is made up of the following individuals:

  • Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
  • Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
  • Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management
  • Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement
  • Interim Vice Chancellor for Strategic Communications
  • Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources
  • General Counsel
  • Faculty Senate Chair
  • Staff Senate Chair
  • Director of Emergency Management


The COVID-19 Operational Team was created in response to the pandemic in order to coordinate and address operational concerns at UNCG as it relates to COVID-19 preparedness, response, and recovery. The team is composed of a very diverse group of existing Emergency Planning and Response Team (EPART) members, and other ad hoc members who have an operational component in pandemic planning and response efforts. 

The COVID-19 Operations Team meets biweekly to coordinate university operations based on University policy and public health guidance and is made up of leaders from the following departments and units:

  • Admissions
  • Athletics
  • Campus Enterprises
  • Child Care Education Program
  • Controllers Office
  • Counseling Center
  • Dean of Students Office
  • Elliott University Center
  • Emergency Management
  • Enrollment Management
  • Entrepreneurship Programs
  • Environmental Health and Safety
  • Facilities Design and Construction
  • Facilities Operations
  • General Counsel
  • Housing and Residence Life
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology Services
  • International Programs
  • Research and Engagement
  • Risk Management
  • Space Utilization and Planning
  • Student Affairs
  • Student Health Services
  • Student Success
  • UNCG Dining Services
  • University Communications
  • University Libraries
  • University Police
  • University Registrar
  • Weatherspoon Art Museum

Student Experience Team

Relationship to COVID-19 response and planning:

Created as an outgrowth of the Operational Team; discuss providing on-going face-to-face campus activities, including instruction, research, and service; holistic view of student experience.


Student Affairs

  • Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
  • AVC for Student Affairs/Dean of Students
  • AVC for Student Affairs/Student Engagement
  • Medical Director, Student Health Services
  • Executive Director for Housing and Residence Life
  • Associate Director for Residence Life
  • Associate Director for Student Affairs Marketing and Communications

Academic Affairs

  • Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
  • Associate Vice Provost for Student Success/Dean of Undergraduate Studies
  • AVC for Research and Engagement
  • Dean, University Libraries
  • Associate Provost for International Programs 
  • International Student and Scholar Services Lead
  • Director of Students First Office
  • Faculty Senate Representative 

Enrollment Management

  • AVC for Enrollment Management
  • Director, Enrollment Communications

Finance and Administration

  • Director of Emergency Management
  • AVC for Human Resources
  • AVC for Campus Enterprises and Real Estate
  • Senior Director of Auxiliary Services
  • Director, Environmental Health and Safety


  • Senior Associate Athletic Director for Internal Operations
  • Associate Athletic Director for Health and Sports Performance


  • Interim Vice Chancellor for Communications

COVID-19 Case Management Team

The COVID-19 Case Management team was created to coordinate the activities necessary to manage COVID-19 cases on our campus. This includes assisting students, faculty, and staff through the isolation and quarantine process, enhanced cleaning activities, contact tracing, and other supporting processes.

This team interacts daily through the case management process and formally meets bi-weekly to develop and discuss ongoing improvements to case management tracking tool; review current and past cases; discuss process for supporting faculty, staff, and students in isolation or quarantine; track case patterns on campus; stay abreast of COVID conditions in the community. 

The COVID-19 Case Management Team is made up of leaders from the following departments and units:

  • Campus Enterprises
  • Dean of Students Office
  • Emergency Management
  • Environmental Health and Safety
  • Facilities Operations
  • Faculty Personnel Services
  • Housing and Residence Life
  • Human Resources
  • Intercollegiate Athletics
  • General Counsel
  • Student Affairs
  • Student Health Services
  • University Police

Research Task Force

Relationship to COVID-19 response and planning:

Design, vet, and review processes and procedures for conducting research safely in light of current COVID conditions; identify ongoing needs for support and improvement.


Faculty Representation

  • Biology
  • Chemistry and Biochemistry (2)
  • Interior Architecture
  • Kinesiology (2)
  • Nanoscience
  • Nutrition
  • Social Work
  • Graduate Student (Biology)


  • Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement
  • Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement
  • Director, Office of Research Integrity
  • Chair, IRB
  • Director, Contract and Grant Accounting
  • Laboratory Safety Manager
  • Director of Emergency Management (Ad Hoc)

Chancellor’s Council

Chancellor’s Council typically meets every other week during the academic year. COVID-related updates and policy issues are standing items on the meeting agenda as facilitated by the Provost and the Director of Emergency Management. 

Chancellor’s Council members can be viewed here.