Clery Notification to Campus

We are sending you this Spartan Alert Emergency Notification consistent with the U.S. Department of Education Clery Act, which guides what health and safety information universities share with their campus and our efforts to ensure our community is aware of significant health related information.

As you return to campus, we want to remind you that COVID-19 is present in Guilford County and in our community. The intent of this message is to remind our community of information about UNCG COVID-19 resources and protocols for the fall semester.  

Community Standards and Expectations:

The COVID-19 pandemic requires all of us to be aware of our behavior, adhere to important community standards, and keep the health of ourselves and our community in mind at all times. Please ensure you have downloaded and read the return to campus guidebook and frequently visit this COVID-19 website for updates. Remember a few key points, as highlighted in this short video:

  • Wear a face covering when you are indoors. If you are in your own room or office, you can remove it, but have it with you in case another person joins you. Wear a face covering outside when you can’t social distance (6 ft or more apart). Face coverings are not just one of the best tools we have to fight the spread of COVID-19, they are mandatory for everyone on campus. Do not go to class, meetings, indoor spaces, or any place where people gather without one.
  • Wash your hands frequently and properly. Use soap. Take 20 seconds. Do it right to help promote good hygiene.
  • Keep your distance. Stay at least 6 feet apart whenever possible. Close, prolonged contact is a proven way to spread COVID-19, so avoid it as much as possible.

Symptoms and Self-Reporting:

Monitor yourself for symptoms. If you feel ill, do not come to campus. Call Student Health Services or your personal health care provider to ask if you need to be tested. 

If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, have tested positive for COVID-19, or have been in close contact with  someone who tested positive, complete the self-reporting form.

What Happens If You Test Positive

If a student tests positive, they should immediately complete the self-reporting form so that additional supports can be provided and contact tracing can be initiated. If the student resides on-campus, the University will either arrange for them to travel home or move them to isolation housing on campus.  Students who test positive must be medically cleared before they resume activities on campus.

If an employee tests positive, they should complete the self-reporting form and contact their supervisor. Either HR or Faculty Personnel Services will reach out to the employee to discuss leave options. Any employee who tests positive for COVID-19 will have to be medically cleared before returning to work.

Communication of COVID-19 Cases

As a reminder, UNCG will not communicate broadly about individual positive cases, consistent with the State Human Resources Act and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, as well as other privacy considerations. Individuals who have been potentially exposed to a person who has tested positive and are at-risk for contracting the virus will be notified through the University’s contact tracing procedures. 

UNCG is working closely with local health department officials to ensure notifications are made quickly to those who may have come in close contact with individuals who tested positive for COVID-19 so they can be directed as to their next steps. We are grateful for the health department’s partnership and expertise in this situation. The University will work with local health department officials to determine the release of non-identifying communications about any clusters of positive cases that arise.

UNCG is also maintaining a COVID-19 dashboard that will be updated weekly with metrics like numbers of positive cases per week, cumulative positive cases, and community protective equipment (CPE) availability. In consultation with the UNC System and local health officials, senior officials are closely monitoring COVID-related activity both on-campus and in the larger community.

Stay Connected

For the most up-to-date information, please monitor your email frequently, regularly visit this UNCG COVID-19 website, follow our @uncg social media channels, and download the UNCG Mobile app from the Google or iTunes app store app to receive alerts directly to your phone.