Covid-19 Updates

The latest from UNC Greensboro

Dear Undergraduate Students,

We hope you are staying healthy and managing well at this difficult time. We remain committed to supporting you in every possible way. Do not hesitate to reach out to campus resources. We may not be present physically, but we are making as many services as possible available to you virtually. The Keep Learning website can connect you to academic and social support. 

We are writing to announce that we have made a decision to alter several academic policies for the Spring semester to relieve pressures resulting from the disruptions that you are enduring.  Specifically, we will be making the following changes:

  • Allowing all students to opt in to Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading on a per-course basis. This opt-in decision will be allowed up to June 1st. Students who wish to opt in will do so via an electronic form that we will make available soon. Letter-graded courses with an earned S during Spring 2020 will count toward major, degree, and graduation requirements; students should consult with their academic advisors or program directors about impact on disciplinary licensure or accreditation requirements and implications for graduate or professional school applications. 
  • Extending the period for withdrawal with a WX to June 1st. This means that you can withdraw yourself from some or all of your courses in UNCGenie. Course withdrawals taken during the Spring 2020 term will not count against the UNCG System cap of four courses/sixteen hours. Students receiving federal financial aid should contact the Financial Aid Office before requesting withdrawal. 
  • Any course taken during the 2020 Spring semester will also not count against the cap on grade exclusion/grade replacement.
  • Extending the time frame for Incomplete removal from six months to one year.
  • Academic transcripts will indicate that courses taken during the 2020 Spring semester were impacted by COVID-19.

More details on these policy changes and processes associated with them will soon be communicated to you. For now, we are hopeful that this will relieve a bit of the pressure you are feeling. We encourage you to focus on your studies and do your best to complete the semester successfully. In the event things do not turn out as desired, these temporary policies will provide you with academic “relief” and prevent this disruption from interrupting your academic progress. 

For now, study hard and stay healthy.


Dana Dunn
Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor

Andrew Hamilton
Associate Vice Provost of Student Success & Dean of Undergraduate Studies